Dominos Cards

EMI Fundraising welcomes you to the easiest and most profitable Dominos cards fundraiser on the market. These fundraising cards are printed in full color with an original design and your group’s name and logo printed on the front. This is a great way for any team, group or other non-profit to raise funds quickly, leveraging a well-known product and brand.

The great thing about these pizza cards is that they come with two great deals, one of which pays for the value of the card immediately. The dominos cards come with a one-time free pizza scratch off, with no purchase necessary. Your customer can take their new pizza card into the restaurant that very day and redeem it for a free large pizza. The second offer is typically a very high value discount that we negotiate with the restaurant, or a BOGO deal that is reusable once per day for an entire year.

The Dominos cards sell very well because everyone immediately sees the value in the card and all the potential savings possibilities as soon as they see the card. This will be a sale that can run consistently year after year and is another reason why our customized fundraising Dominos cards will out sell ever other card and product in town.

We have been helping groups just like yours stay well-funded for 18 years and we look forward to seeing how we can help your group earn some fast profits on a great product. We have great relationships with corporate Dominos all over the country and all discounts are subject to the discretion and approval of Dominos. Dominos is a registered trademark of Dominos Inc. Please call us at 800-711-3200 to get your Dominos Cards fundraiser scheduled today! Have a great 2012!

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